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  • 300M无线电力线适配器(PW5003)
  • 300M无线电力线适配器(PW5002)
  • AV500 电力线适配器(PL5001)
  • 1200M 双频无线信号放大器(RE1201)
  • 300M 无线信号放大器(RE3002)
  • 300M 无线信号放大器(RE3001)
  • AC1200 千兆无线路由器(WR1202)
  • AC1200千兆无线路由器(WR1201)
  • N300高功率无线路由器(WR3003)
  • N300 高功率无线路由器(WR3002)
  • N300无线路由器(WR3005)
  • N300无线路由器(WR3001)


    Shenzhen MTC Co., Ltd. (MTC) was established in April, 2005, with RMB 416million as the registered capital. MTC is a public company, whose stock code is 002429 at Shenzhen Stock Market. Head Office is at center of Futian District, Shenzhen, and three factories place...